Do you know that FIFO means? More importantly are you practicing it in your kitchen? FIFO means First In First Out and is probably the number one rule of produce storage. It's always a great idea to remind any one receiving or handing produce that they should always be using food with the oldest code date first. Not only does this save you money it reduces waste and your overall food costs. Would you like to set up a training for your kitchen staff? Trinity Fresh offers free staff trainings to all of it's customers. Contact your account manager or sales representative today to schedule a tour and training today!





Refrigerator blowers will dehydrate products not properly stored or sealed. Most products should remain in the original packages until ready to use. Highly sensitive items include mushrooms, fresh herbs and leafy lettuces.


Harvesting and Packaging: Some defects will appear mainly at the top of the cartons due to closing, stapling etc. Iceberg lettuce for instance will always have a small percentage of waste due to shipping. How do you detect freshness? No oxidation, rusting, mold or slime.


For every one hour that produce is left out side of refrigeration it looses one day of shelf life. Put your items away ASAP.


Harvesting in different growing regions meaning quality and sizing will vary from each packer.


Tomatoes should be stored at room temperature for maximum shelf life, quality and flavor.