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Practicing proper food handling procedures is not only a vital part of ensuring high food quality, it also directly impacts your costs. High standards go hand-in-hand with a cost-efficient and profitable food service operation. Use the following standards to protect your customers and your cost-effectiveness.


Proper receiving and inspection of fresh produce is the first step to ensuring a quality end product for your customers and  profit for your business. Your establishment invests a significant amount of money in quality produce to serve its clientèle, and your care and thoroughness in receiving and inspecting each shipment helps protect these investments.


To improve shelf life and overall quality, it’s important to handle  fresh produce with care. As a general rule, you can practice good handling by handling product as little as possible. Move your produce from reception to storage quickly and with care. Additionally, try to minimize exposure to the elements. Rough or excessive handling can damage even the heartiest fruits and vegetables. The smallest bruise can trigger spoilage.