Trinity Fresh is committed to distributing a safe product to all of its customers by adhering to the highest food safety standards. These standards are determined by federal and state  regulatory laws, globally recognized food safety standards, and customer requirements. Trinity Fresh maintains compliance with these standards  through multiple food safety programs.


-          HACCP

-          Vendor Approval

-          Food Security

-          Product Recall and Traceability

-          Constant Recall Alert System through Food Track

-          Preventative Maintenance

-          Sanitation

-          Third Party Audits

-          Employee Training

-          Secure and Sanitary Transportation


Trinity’s Food Safety Programs are reviewed internally throughout the year by the food safety team. Regular changes to these programs can be expected with the implementation of the Food Safety and Modernization Act, and the growing demand for compliance with the Global Food Safety Initiative. The food safety team stays up to date with the continually evolving food safety guidelines. The customer can expect to see food safety and security at the top of Trinity Fresh’s priorities.

For more information about our program please contact our on site Food Safety Manager


Casey Marsh

(916) 714-7368


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