About Trinity Fresh

Trinity Fresh is a fresh solutions provider unlike any other. Beyond delivering crisp-often local-produce to customers within days of harvest, Trinity Fresh has developed full-service programs to meet the unique needs of its customers. From adding customized "programs" inventory, to designing advanced distribution paths, to maximizing food safety practices, Trinity Fresh advances food-service delivery to a higher level. How can Trinity Fresh's innovative team provide you a fresh solution today?

Company Story

In 2006 I left my position as president of a West Sacramento based produce distribution company. After engaging 20 years in every facet of the business, I knew it was time to launch my own operation. I needed to live out my “whatever is fair and right” mantra, and simply wanted to be honest with our customers and truly develop business “together.” The recipe is simple: Begin with integrity, truly understand each other’s needs and develop programs that are beneficial to both parties.

With that recipe in mind and a goal of remaining committed to my long-term customers, Trinity Fresh was officially launched on April 9, 2007. Starting a business from scratch isn’t easy, but from one desk, in one office, with one phone, we have grown to a staff of nearly 100 people, 40 trucks, and 40,000 square feet of warehouse.

Trinity Fresh was originally a non-asset based business that managed the complete distribution cycle; from the grower, to the distributor, to the customer, we could manage it all. We developed the software, hired some folks, and began the adventure.

After a slow start, a lot of money, and the dedication of a few loyal people, we were able to reunite those long-term customer relationships. The reunion was in October 2008, and we haven’t looked back. We managed business in 17 states with 21 different distributors and a ton of transactions.

In 2010, I felt that our non-asset based business could challenge our distribution model in California, so we opened a warehouse in Sacramento and began our own distribution. In 2011, we opened a warehouse in Riverside. As a result, we are a statewide distributor under one umbrella that is consistent throughout the state.

Ten years later, we are still going strong. We are continuing to hire very qualified people that will help our business excel. We are a service company, and as such our people make the difference. The people of Trinity Fresh care about the customer, the company, the future, and doing whatever is fair and right. The recipe hasn’t changed.

—Paul Abess

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