Founded in 2007, Trinity Fresh introduced an exciting new model of food distribution, designed to serve the needs of multi-unit operators in the 21st century.  Headquartered in Sacramento, California and operating distribution centers in Northern and Southern California, and working with partner distributors in many states around the nation, Trinity Fresh manages fresh produce with vertically integrated distribution, from the fields to our customers, ensuring your produce is in our hands from beginning to end… taking the mystery (i.e. problems) out of fresh produce, one of the key components of your operation.



Unlike other national distributors, Trinity Fresh manages the complete end-user spend for fresh produce.  Our staff negotiates pricing directly with growers, supervises the procurement and transportation of the fruits and vegetables into our distribution centers, completes the order processing with our custom designed software, distributes the product via our own distribution centers and/or unites the distributors and acts on behalf of customers, on our own trucks or those managed by us, while linking the three entities through our corporate headquarters. Then – via one source – our Trinity Technology delivers all the information you need to manage your multi-unit food costs, simplifying fresh produce management, so you can focus on the other areas that are critical to the dynamic world of food-service.